The Enfield Talking Newspaper has been providing a free audio recording of local news to our blind and partially sighted neighbours since 1961

What do we do?

The Enfield Talking Newspaper was the first talking newspaper in the UK, established in 1961. More than fifty years on, our purpose remains the same - to create an audio recording of the news articles in our local newspapers and to deliver this, as quickly as we can, to blind and partially sighted residents in the borough. The service is entirely free and the charity run and managed by volunteers. In 1961 we began with 6 listeners; today around 100 people receive a memory stick or hear our recording via the internet each week.

Listen to our latest recording

 There are many ways to listen to our latest recording. Visit our 'Listen to ETN' page to find out more. 

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Why do we do it?

Access to local news and events information can be difficult if you are blind or partially sighted, even if you have access to a computer. Sites like Facebook and local blogs are not always designed to be accessible to people who are blind or partially sighted. This is why we provide a free, weekly audio recording of local news and events information. To some listeners we offer companionship, to others we are simply a source of useful information. To all we provide a valuable service, which is free to access.

How you can help

We rely on volunteers to run and manage our organisation and donations from individuals and organisations to remain a free-to-access service for our listeners. We are always keen to hear from new volunteers, sponsors and listeners. We are also keen to hear from local clubs and societies with news that they would like to share. We hope you find the pages on this website useful.

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